Coaching Leadership

Diagnosis: Do you want to take your leadership and communication skills to the next level? Would you benefit from improving ALL of your relationships by learning and implementing powerful communication tools and strategies? Are you ready for people to listen to you and support your ideas?

Prescription: One-on-one coaching with Dr. Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP, CEO of The Communications Doctor

With Leadership/Interpersonal Communications Coaching, you will quickly learn skills to:

  • Work with direct reports and team members
  • Connect with others more effectively
  • Be more well-liked and well-received
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Encourage and engage others
  • Unlock and improve the secrets of your personal body language
  • Effectively resolve conflicts
  • Identify and effectively express emotions
  • Deal with diverse and challenging personalities
  • Develop healthy and productive relationships
  • Break down communication barriers
  • Put others at ease
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Give effective feedback
  • Better understand what motivates and inspires others
  • Become an exceptional communicator
  • Become a more effective leader

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP, CEO of The Communications Doctor is an interpersonal communications expert that provides comprehensive, actionable, solution-oriented prescriptions for effective communications. Since 1989, she has specialized in helping individuals sharpen their interpersonal and leadership skills with great results!

Executive Coaching with an emphasis on Leadership/Interpersonal skills will help refine the skills you already have to achieve high-level success. Once you've made the commitment toward expanding your skills, you'll be challenged to work intensely for immediate results. The process is not for wimps and requires continuous evaluation, hard work and dedication by client and coach alike.

To learn more about how Executive Coaching can enhance your career, call Dr. Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP, CEO of The Communications Doctor today at 919.933.3237 or

"I applaud you for your interactive, results-oriented coaching style." Linda Fajardo, President, Powerhouse Communication

Why Executive Coaching?

Personal Benefits:

  • Receive one-on-one evaluation and training
  • Learn new tools and strategies that can be immediately applied
  • Achieve instant results
  • Learn techniques to connect with others

Executive Coaching provides a safe and confidential outlet for self-evaluation. Dr. Gaddis offers caring and inspirational mentoring.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Improves morale
  • Reduces turnover
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves conflict management

The Communications Doctor will help you create a culture of communications excellence. With a focus on presentation and interpersonal skills, Dr. Susanne Gaddis prescribes solutions that will take you from good to great.

Ready to grab the brass ring?

Call Dr. Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP, CEO of The Communications Doctor today at 919.933.3237 or

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