Diagnosis: You've invested a great deal of time and energy to find a new leader. Now, it's crucial they make a good first impression, have early business wins, communicate effectively with their new team, have a clear strategic focus and be able to identify and manage critical stakeholders.

Prescription: Get your new team off to a great start by hosting a one-day New Leader/Team facilitation lead by Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP and CEO of The Communications Doctor.

New leadership onboarding is not a walk in the park. There are personalities to consider, a company culture to navigate, old habits to break, new ones to make, and new ideas to create. More often than not, however, in today's competitive world, there's little time for a slow climb for a new leader. That's why organizations all across North America choose Dr. Susanne Gaddis to deliver her prescription for success: powerful systems, solutions and synergy-inspiring strategies that bring new leaders and existing teams together to create a laser-focused cohesiveness that allows everyone to hit the ground running.

Did you know? The perception of a new leader's abilities is typically formed within the first five days? The unspoken expectation is that the new leader should begin producing results within the first 30 days? So, why do 40% of all leaders fail within two years? Research shows that newly assigned leaders:

  • Fail to establish a cultural fit.......................... .........75%
  • Fail to build teamwork with staff and peers….............52%
  • Are unclear about expectations...............................33%
  • Don't have the required internal POLITICAL savvy.....25%
  • Are hired into a firm where no process to ASSIMILATE executives exists...22%

If you want your teams to . . .

  • Create a SYNERGY that will catapult your company to new heights
  • Identify and turn obstacles into OPPORTUNITIES
  • Start your leadership team off on the BEST POSSIBLE path to SUCCESS
  • Have the right tools, training, and resources, to help ensure they're OVERCOMING odds

Then, this enlightening one-day, strategically structured facilitation is a must-attend.

Dr. Susanne Gaddis brings your team everything they will need to get off to a healthy start. Right from the beginning, your team will find themselves immersed in rapport-building, trust-enhancing, conversations. These skills are critical to creating open lines of communication necessary to break down barriers and pave a solid path to success (without all the headaches and missteps).

In just one empowering day your team will:

  • Swiftly bring your new leader(s) up-to-speed regarding expectations and organizational culture
  • Recognize each other's values and strengths
  • Avoid and squelch potential problems
  • Create buy-in, excitement and commitment
  • Align goals
  • Overcome poor communication, anxiety and ambivalence
  • Adapt and understand that everyone has a stake in their new leader's success
  • Create a strong team that supports new leadership, rather than fight it
  • Stop rumors and gossip and create a foundation of truth
  • Create open, honest dialogue and support meaningful, constructive conversations
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Build bridges, not walls
  • Get answers to burning questions
  • Establish new ways of working for optimal functioning
  • Discuss accountability, implementation and evaluation
  • Understand behavioral expectations
  • Build resiliency and support for organizational change efforts
  • Remove unproductive conflict
  • Enhance collaboration, cooperation and performance
  • Identify, diagnose and resolve interpersonal behaviors that may be undermining your team's success

It's a competitive world out there. Giving organizations the tools and strategies they need to save time, money, energy, and headaches while seamlessly onboarding new leadership is something Dr. Susanne Gaddis is PASSIONATE about. Give her one day with your team and she'll give you back empowered, energized, excited people who are ready, willing, and EAGER to WORK AS ONE towards YOUR bottom line goals. Call Dr. Gaddis today it will be one of the best things you'll do for your organizations this year.

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