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How To ask for Help!Communication Booster Shots: Prescriptions for Healthy Communication

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  • Are you ready to boost your ability to communicate?
  • Do you want to better relate to yourself and others?
  • Are you ready to diagnose and treat your personal and professional blind spots?

Far too often, our communication with others is diseased. We hurt, confuse or, at the very least, fail to convey the message we want to get across. No matter how these communication problems crop up, they need to be identified, treated and healed.
This two-disc audiobook, developed by internationally known professional speaker and communications coach, Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP, will equip you with 52 ways to improve your personal and professional communication.

"Communication Booster Shots" will provide you with practical solutions to remedy the variety of communication challenges you face each day.

Tracks include:

  • Booster #01 Stop the Blame Game
  • Booster #02 I Don't Care!
  • ResourcesBooster #03 Get it?
  • Booster #04 I'm Not Going to Tell You This Again!
  • Booster #05 Getting Rid of "I Can't"
  • Booster #06 Managing Your Emotional Speech
  • Booster #07 Customizing Compliments
  • Booster #08 Hitting the Nail on the Head
  • Booster #09 Waiting in the Great Unknown
  • Booster #10 Becoming Your Own Cheerleader
  • Booster #11 Tackling Your Communication Skills Head-On
  • Booster #12 Are You Selling Positive Nourishing Nuggets?
  • Booster #13 Make Yourself a Bestseller!
  • Booster #14 Face Check
  • Booster #15 Preventing Meeting Burn-Out
  • Booster #16 Retrain Your Brain and Ask What Went Right
  • Booster #17 Diagnosing Proportion Distortion
  • Booster #18 The Thrill of "Vic-Toe-Ry" and the Agony of "De-Feet"
  • Booster #19 Ask and You Shall Receive
  • Booster #20 "Good Morning" A Great Way to Start Your Day
  • Booster #21 You Should Read This!
  • Booster #22 The Right Response
  • Booster #23 How to Accept a Compliment
  • Booster #24 Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude
  • Booster #25 How to Leave a Lasting Impression
  • Booster #26 Ignor(ance) is Far From Bliss
  • Booster #27 Mastering Great Communication
  • Booster #28 Weigh Your Words
  • Booster #29 More than Seven Years of Bad Luck
  • Booster #30 Staying Stuck or Moving On
  • Booster #31 The Right Response
  • Booster #32 How to Reach the Comfort Zone
  • Booster #33 Timing is Everything
  • Booster #34 Turn-Around Questions
  • Booster #35 The Royal Pain of Waiting
  • Booster #36 When Baited...Don't Bite
  • Booster #37 Be the Example You'd Like to See in Others
  • Booster #38 Don't Store Old Powder in Your Gunnysack
  • Booster #39 External versus Internal Affirmation
  • Booster #40 Moan-a-Lisa
  • Booster #41 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Booster #42 My Way or the Highway
  • Booster #43 Do You Suffer from "Scatteritis?"
  • Booster #44 Like Stop it, Okay!
  • Booster #45 What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
  • Booster #46 Do You Hit Below the Belt
  • Booster #47 100 Votes: A Consensus Building Tool
  • Booster #48 Why "You Didn't" Doesn't Work
  • Booster #49 Will Power Versus Won't Power
  • Booster #50 Failure as Fuel
  • Booster #51 Stop the Gossip Train
  • Booster #52 Mouth Off Ears On
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