The Communications Doctor also offers the following customized workshops designed to improve communication, customer service, patient satisfaction scores, employee engagement and morale in any healthcare setting.

How to Communicate with Compassion

Quality healthcare and compassionate communication go hand in hand. Healthcare professionals equipped with solid strategies for effectively managing and building healthy relationships are your organization’s most valuable asset. During this dynamic, interactive session we’ll explore how, during difficult and stressful times, we can keep our cool and communicate with compassion.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Learn practical strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • Avoid overreacting during stressful situations
  • Use empathy to build rapport and strengthen relationships
  • Distinguish between assertive and aggressive behavior
  • Recognize and respond effectively to a wide range of emotions
  • Open lines of communication through effective listening
  • Use non-verbal techniques such as vocal mirroring and postural echo to establish rapport

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About Susanne Gaddis

"Susanne Gaddis provided a high-energy session to kick off our day. Her message was very well-received by attendees and provided our nurses with inspiration as well as practical takeaways that they could implement immediately in their workplace and personal life. Our members gave her very high marks and we look forward to having her back in the future."Tina C. Gordon, MPA, CAE, Executive Director,
North Carolina Nurses Association
"In my 43 years as a nurse, I've attended many programs on communications. This was one of the best programs I've ever attended. Dr. Gaddis has an exciting way of presenting information which keeps you enthralled in the entire program."Jan Haas, RN, The Virginia Nurses Association
"The enthusiasm you showed helped start our conference off with a bang. The way you mixed humor and a motivational message was incredible. You were awesome; thanks for making us look great!"Mary Lowdermilk, Conference Director,
North Carolina Society of Hospital Volunteers/Auxilians
"I have had numerous people stop me in the hallways with very positive feedback. Many of our participants asked to have you come back and speak at our conference again next year. Some of the words they used to describe your session are: energetic, enthusiastic, uplifting, and inspiring."Rita Patton, UNC Healthcare Systems
"I absolutely enjoyed the meeting; Susanne presented high-quality information and was entertaining, not dull!"Carol J Biddle, Gambro Healthcare
"Susanne was full of energy and kept the audience interested in her topic. I can truly say I came out of the workshop with some new insight."Margaret DeSantis, R.N., C.N.N., Program Director
"I absolutely loved this presentation, and took lots of notes. The 'Keepers' page makes it easy to remember the main points I didn't want to lose. I'm starting implementation this week, as I remember the 'do it within 72 hours or it won't happen' statement. Please have Susanne again."Cindy Tate, RN, Center Director Gambro Healthcare
"You are absolutely the best speaker I have ever heard! I related to so much you spoke about. I can't wait to go home and apply it not only to my 'work' life but also my 'home' life." RN with Enfamil Lipil
"Wow! What an awesome presentation! Everyone at the hospital who heard your message LOVED IT! It is still all the buzz around. Those who didn't come are sorry they didn't! Everyone is doing the eyebrow flash, spitting out positive seeds...+1, +1...extending joy, noticing blind spots, and using 3-step thank yous! We want you back!!!! Thank you so much for doing the work that you do! This Positive Communication/Positive Psychology movement is amazing!"Mary Beth Luttrell, Texas Rural Hospital, Telecommunications Association
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