Change Your Attitude – Change Your Life!

Attitude – they say – is EVERYTHING. There's a lot of truth to that. Formed by our thought patterns, perceptions, and emotions--attitudes affect how we relate to the people in our lives. Family. Friends. Colleagues. Customers. EVERYONE. So, making sure your attitude is healthy, happy and positive is the very foundation for a better life. This interactive and insightful keynote will provide you and your team with the tools and strategies that matter the most to get in touch with various aspects of your inner self. By applying these transformational techniques, you can change your attitude and change your life.

Learning Objectives
In this dynamic, interactive program you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize and change incapacitating, negative self-talk
  • Recognize healthy and HELPFUL emotions vs. draining and DEBILITATING ones
  • Keep negative perceptions and emotions in check
  • Use "charitable attributions" to release unnecessary judgments
  • Set self-communication goals
  • Control excessive worry
  • Inspire self-confidence and creativity
  • Accelerate your performance through affirmation and visualization
  • Master methods to create healthy, happy self-esteem

We're given one life. It's up to us to make the absolute most of it. Interpersonal relationship expert Dr. Susanne Gaddis, passionately shares strategies and mindsets that encourage individuals to transform the way they think and live. Invite her to speak for your organization today.

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About Susanne Gaddis

"We cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and speak to our WISH (Women in Schlumberger Houston) group. I can tell you that the response . . . has been overwhelming and extremely positive. Usually those meetings have an attendance of 45-55 women, and that day we were 120 strong. That definitely says something. Again, we thank you for your time, but more than that, your words of wisdom." Hilarie Jones, Business Assistant, Schlumberger
"You are getting rave reviews here, as I'm sure you are accustomed to. Adjectives describing your presentation range from 'excellent' to 'awesome.' Your presentation was so power-packed with important things to consider and resolve to do. We are grateful to you for filling our morning with such substance and joy!" Karen Walbridge, C.P.M., CPPB, Chairman, Professional Development Committee, Southeast Florida National Institute of Government Purchasing Chapter
"The enthusiasm you showed helped start our conference off with a bang. The way you mixed humor and a motivational message was incredible. You were awesome . . .thanks for making us look great."
Mary Lowdermilk, Conference Director,
North Carolina Society of Hospital Volunteers/Auxilians
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