Ego Boosters vs. Ego Busters

Behavior. Words. Actions. Attitudes. All can POSITIVELY affect or NEGATIVELY infect your organization. This exciting and interactive "wellness check" is designed to improve the way you communicate. You will learn how to diagnose and treat common communication breakdowns, and to motivate and inspire the people you work with every day.

Learning Opjectives
In this dynamic, interactive presentation you'll learn how to: 

  • Ignite POSITIVE communication with 50 power-packed phrases
  • Rid your vocabulary of 50 morale-crushing phrases
  • Write and deliver 3-step feedback
  • Power up your productivity with action-centric communication
  • Create an explosion of energy in your organization
  • Foster support and a top-tiered cooperation level
  • Distinguish between 4 distinct communication styles
  • Listen in layers, using both verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Significantly reduce stress with creative communication
  • Fine-tune your emotional vocabulary
  • Fuel a culture of cohesive camaraderie by kicking toxic gossip to the curb

Little things can and do make a BIG difference. Communications Keynote Speaker Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP and CEO of The Communications Doctor shares techniques, strategies and solutions that will have your group laughing, learning and committed to creating a culture of excellence in your organization. Invite her to speak with your group today.

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About Susanne Gaddis

"After attending 'Ego Boosters vs. Ego Busters,' our employees are energized and exuding positivity. They walked away from your workshop with the realization that they control how they feel. They choose! You gave us a better understanding of how to communicate with each other and how to pinpoint exactly where we stand in various relationships. You touched each of our employees in a variety of ways. Everyone left with something significant." Arturo De La Garza, Director of Human Resources, The Bank and Trust, s.s.b.

"Your level of energy brought life to the subject matter and revived my interest in doing the quality of work which I feel I am capable." J.P. Walker, Harris County, TX

"You delivered what you promised -- skills we could use immediately to improve our communications at work and at home -- with laughter and energy. Your powerful message about ego boosters and ego busters evoked an introspective and touching response." William A. Brooks, County Administrator, County of Lexington, SC

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