Powerful Presentation Skills

In today's hyper-connected, information-driven world, having the ability to deliver OUTSTANDING, PERSUASIVE and MEMORABLE PRESENTATIONS is CRITICAL your success. Whether delivering a presentation to one or to thousands, the skills that you'll learn in this highly-interactive and participatory course will result in instant ROI.

Afraid of public speaking? Not to worry. Although it ranks a whopping fourth on the top 100 list of human phobias (behind snakes, heights, and flying), it is a fear worth overcoming and a skill worth fine-tuning for anyone eager to empower and lead in our full-tilt communicative society. Attend this workshop and you will gain these skills and much more. Master these, and you're in the driver's seat: from the stage to the boardroom, with your team and among your peers. You can and will become an exceptional presenter.

If that sounds like the kind of leader you're eager to be, join professional speaker and presentation skills coach, Dr. Susanne Gaddis for this fast-paced, dynamic and insightful workshop.

Learning Objectives
In this engaging, interactive workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Set yourself up to WIN with the RIGHT introduction and opening
  • Skillfully integrate your message with your client's to CAPTIVATE every audience
  • Take your content from WORN OUT to WOW!
  • Deliver seamless presentations with SIZZLE
  • Get people to want to listen to you
  • Create energy and command presence with just your voice and movement
  • Tap into top techniques the pros use to establish rapport and credibility
  • Identify and steer clear of the top 10 biggest presenter mistakes
  • Get your audience involved and engaged every step of the way
  • Master specific techniques to create a two-way dialogue with ANY audience
  • Present less . . . and understand why 30% less is usually more
  • Make statistics stick
  • Connect with your audience through personal stories and anecdotes
  • Handle hecklers and tough questions while keeping your cool
  • Ask for what you want and close with passion

Delivered in one-day or two-day workshop formats, Dr. Susanne Gaddis takes participants through the presentation skills you need to become an inspired and effective presenter. With her straight-forward, passionate and approachable style you'll find yourself conquering fears and creating a commanding and empowered presence with a confidence like you've never known. Invite Dr. Gaddis today and put yourself in the driver's seat towards becoming a great presenter.

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About Susanne Gaddis

"Not only was your direction insightful and exceedingly helpful, your ongoing encouragement and uplifting manner imbued me with confidence that I might not have had. Your guidance was perhaps the most compelling force in what proved to be a successful and rewarding public speaking experience." Jeff Wuorio, Author, Speaker, Consultant
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