Communicate Your Way Through Change

Ever notice how some people breeze through change while others are stopped in their tracks? Which person are you? The "dive-in-and-make-it-work" kind or the "stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off" kind? There's no way around change in our lightning-fast, super-connected, technology-fueled world. So, finding the means to successfully navigate the little curveballs that life throws your way is no longer a "should-do" it's a MUST-do.

In this impassioned, fun, insight-packed presentation, communications expert and interpersonal skills coach Dr. Susanne Gaddis delivers the skills, tools, and mindset altering techniques to guide you toward deftly adapting to change with an ease, speed and humor that you never even thought possible.

Learning Objectives
In this dynamic, interactive program you'll learn how to:

  • Expertly infuse new ideas into existing team cultures
  • Eliminate irrational, track-stopping beliefs and maintain focus
  • Overcome momentum-blocking procrastination and avoidance behavior
  • Use empowering words and lose debilitating words during times of change
  • Navigate common change-induced emotions and keep your sense of humor
  • Avoid fight-or-flight reflexes that create chaos and inhibit progress
  • Get people to want to listen to you
  • Deploy proven, timeless, results-producing models to manage change
  • Survive and thrive while undergoing massive organizational change

Change is part of everyday life. From the easy-to-implement to the life-altering. How you adapt, adopt, navigate, and manage that change has EVERYTHING to do with your success, comfort, health, wealth, and happiness. Sound like a lot of pressure? Keynote Speaker and change expert Dr. Susanne Gaddis shares with you how to handle it all like a pro and even make it look easy! Book her today to teach your team how!

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About Susanne Gaddis

"The feedback we have received has been outstanding. On a scale of 1 to 6, ratings were perfect in every category. Congratulations on an outstanding job! You were key to our program's success." Erin K. Benitez, CAE Executive Vice President,
Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association
"I have received an overwhelming positive response from the Patton Boggs staff – people were asking, 'When is she coming back to do another one?' The practical material appealed to everyone and was delivered in such a way where we didn't feel like we were actually sitting in a staff retreat (that is usually long and boring) for four hours. To say the least, our staff retreat isn't something that staff really looks forward to, but you made this year's something that was entertaining, yet educational at the same time. As the coordinator of this event, I wanted to personally thank you for making that day run as smoothly as it did. It is so refreshing to work with someone who is so positive and cool under pressure! Thanks again and I look forward to your upcoming seminar in August with Patton Boggs."Lindsi L. Hanchey, Pro Bono/CLE Coordinator,
Patton Boggs International Law Firm LLP
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