Master Your Moments – Master Your Life!

Did you know that you have 20,000 unique moments a day? Psychologists tell us that a moment lasts from 1-3 seconds. Did you know that the only moments that become YOUR memories are those PACKED with EMOTION? Living an extraordinary and memorable life doesn't happen by chance…it happens by CHOICE.

In this powerfully moving, life-affirming keynote, Dr. Susanne Gaddis shares insights and strategies that will potentially change you to your CORE. If you're ready to attract and build healthy relationships, fuel positive energy, and succeed at unbounded levels, then you won't want to miss this empowering presentation.

Learning Objectives
In this exhilarating program you will learn how to:

  • Create "emotional wealth" through discovering "20,000 bankable" moments per day
  • Steer clear of "Energy Zappers" - those who create downward emotional spirals
  • Unleash the power of harmonious connectivity
  • Create a life where you flourish, not flounder
  • Manage your energy for a limitless life
  • Recognize, master and celebrate your strengths
  • Weave the "Four Tenets Of Happiness" into your life
  • Proactively channel adversity into positive growth
  • Create profound inner peace by mastering the act of forgiveness
  • Transform limiting self-perceptions to generate a renewed enthusiasm for your life

What is true power? It's living in the moment. It's living right now. Cast off limits. Savor every moment. Become the master of your OWN life. If ever there was a time to infuse your spirit with powerful affirmation and to create unlimited potential for health, wealth, love and joy – it's NOW. Invite Dr. Susanne Gaddis to share this remarkable experience with your audience today. The results will be life-changing.

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About Susanne Gaddis

"You are getting rave reviews here, as I'm sure you are accustomed to. Adjectives describing your presentation range from 'excellent' to 'awesome.' Your presentation was so power-packed with important things to consider and resolve to do. We are grateful to you for filling our morning with such substance and joy!" Karen Walbridge, C.P.M., CPPB Chairman, Professional Development Committee, Southeast Florida National Institute of Government Purchasing Chapter
"Wow! What an awesome presentation! Everyone at the hospital who heard your message LOVED IT! It is still all the buzz around. Those who didn't come are sorry they didn't! Everyone is doing the eyebrow flash, spitting out positive seeds…+1, +1…extending joy, noticing blind spots, and using 3-step thank you's! We want you back!!!! Thank you so much for doing the work that you do! This positive communication/psychology movement is amazing!" Mary Beth Luttrell, Texas Rural Hospital Telecommunications Association
"Thank you very much for your wonderful seminar to the supervisory personnel of the City of Galveston. The response was overwhelming. The program was educational, informational, and entertaining.

The program was excellent for such a diverse group of supervisors from department heads to crew leaders (90 employees total). All gained valuable insight into communication skills needed to motivate work groups.
Some employees actually didn't realize that they could attend a seminar for six hours, have a good time, gain some valuable tools, and get paid for it; all at the same time. It is true that a 'Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.'
Again, thank you for a wonderful day."Carolyn R. Cox, Director of Human Resources,
City of Galveston, TX
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