All Stressed Up, And No Where To Go!

While our round-the-clock, full-tilt world creates the ideal petri dish for stress, it can also foster another dynamic human quality: RESILIENCE. The CHOICE to bounce back is ours, but it's not always that easy. That's why this engaging, comprehensive stress-busting keynote is one of Dr. Gaddis's MOST POPULAR topics. Want to give your next audience the timeless tools and solid strategies it takes to kick stress to the curb? How about helping them bring their lives back into balance and finally get a handle on the emotions that leave people over-the-top anxious and down-for-the-count unproductive? Then this topic is for you.

Learning Objectives
During this Stress-Busting, Energy-Boosting presentation you'll learn how to:

  • Adopt the personal qualities known to ramp up RESILIENCE
  • Eliminate the type of stress that chokes performance, productivity, and morale
  • Tackle tough personal and professional stressors that block the ability to cope
  • Discern between post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth
  • Positively ACT rather than REACT when life (and people) toss you curveballs
  • Master relaxation strategies and breathing techniques to create calm
  • Fearlessly LET GO of the past
  • Conquer harmful habits and embrace healthy ones to send stress packing
  • Accept responsibility without regret and effectively manage feelings
  • Ask for and get the help you need
  • Unlock your personal priorities and discover your strengths

Stress doesn't have to be the dominant factor in life, business, or relationships. Life is far too precious for that. That's why Communications Keynote Speaker and expert Dr. Susanne Gaddis is passionate about sharing the techniques, strategies and mindsets that foster RESILIENCE, joy, balance, and productivity. Invite her to help your team adopt the tools that will send stress packing and empower them to live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives. Now that's a prescription for success!

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About Susanne Gaddis

"Excellent...the information is valuable and will help in all aspects of my life."Kathy Walton, Engineer, United Space Alliance, Houston, Texas
"I absolutely loved this presentation, and took lots of notes. The 'Keepers' page makes it easy to remember the main points I didn't want to lose. I'm starting implementation this week, as I remember the 'do it within 72 hours or it won't happen' statement. Please have Susanne again."Cindy Tate, RN, Center Director, Gambro Healthcare
"I have had numerous people stop me in the hallways with very positive feedback. Many of our participants asked to have you come back and speak at our conference again next year. Some of the words they used to describe your session are: energetic, enthusiastic, uplifting, and inspiring."Rita Patton, Chairperson of the Administrative Professionalsā€™ Conference,
UNC Healthcare Systems
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